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ARC-CSI Crash Conference Vendor / Sponsorship

2017 ARC-CSI Crash Conference
September 18-21, 2017
South Point Hotel - Las Vegas, NV
ACTAR CEUs Available

Vendor Information

ARC-CSI Vendor AreaThis year the ARC-CSI Crash Conference will be held at the South Point Hotel and Collision Publishing is offering dedicated space to vendors interested in displaying their products and/or services. The ARC-CSI Crash Conference is well attended by a targeted audience consisting of decision makers in law enforcement, accident reconstruction, engineering, insurance and legal services. 

Typical attendance is approximately 200 attendees with a break-down of 50% law enforcement and 50% private practice.

This is your opportunity to network with your customers while updating and informing them of what your product/service has to offer. The vendor area is located immediately outside of the conference meeting area and is designed to maximize foot traffic by hosting all breaks directly around the vendor area.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect one-on-one with your current customers and future customers.

Registration Type Price Method
VENDOR - Registration
$899.00 - early registration
$1,099.00 - after 08/04/17
VENDOR: Extra Person at Booth $350 per person (includes breakfast, lunch and breaks)
SPONSOR: Premium Car Sticker - full vehicle
We dedicate one crash vehicle for you to place logos and graphics of your choice.
SPONSOR: Product Presentation/Demonstration
This is a sponsorship opportunity to give a live 20-40 minute presentation on your product/service in the NASCAR building at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
SPONSOR: Product Placement on DVD
We are dedicating space on the conference data DVD to sponsors who wish to include certain material about your company, products or services.
SPONSOR: Hospitality Suite
Your opportunity to sponsor the evening hospitality suite. This is where attendees come to unwind and network "after-hours". Collision Publishing provides complementary snacks and drinks each evening.
SPONSOR: Coffee Cups
Place your logo on the complimentary coffee cups that are distributed to all attendees.
Note: The ARC-CSI logo will be on one side and YOUR LOGO on the other.
Please read the Conference Registration and Refund Policy prior to registering. By completing and submitting registration, you agree to the Conference Registration and Refund Policy.

Vendor Booths:

  • Dedicated space, 8-foot table w/linen and wastebasket
  • Admission to crash testing (limit is one person)
  • Internet access in exhibitor area (WiFi)
  • Does NOT include admittance to conference lectures
  • Electricity available by contracting with the hotel A/V at an additional expense. Information will be emailed to all exhibitors.

Floor Plan

Coming soon.

Vendor Hours

  • Monday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM - Crash Testing - Exhibitors are welcome to join us at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for crash day. We also have sponsorships to present to the group at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway during the "downtime" between crashes.
  • Tuesday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM - Exhibitor hall open
  • Wednesday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM - Exhibitor hall open
  • Thursday: 8:00AM - 12:00PM - Exhibitor hall open

Breakfast is included with the registration fee and is provided on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Lunch is included in the registration fee and is provided on Monday (at the crash test facility), Tuesday and Wednesday.

All exhibitor tables and booths are located in the common area located directly outside the presentation room. All breaks and breakfasts will be served in the common area to maximize foot-traffic.

The exhibitor hall is always full on the breaks with
free coffee, snacks and a room full of vendors!

Collision Publishing booth for information
and cool new stuff

Always time for a little one-on-one with the vendors

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring the ARC-CSI Crash Conference is a great opportunity to gain greater recognition to those attending the crash conference. Sponsorship allows you to generate a more powerful marketing presence, while putting your company in the spotlight at the largest conference of the year. Below you will find the various ways your company can benefit by becoming a sponsor.

Car Stickers

This sponship opportunity allows you to put your logo directly on the crash test vehicles. This is a huge opportunity for brand recognition as photos of the crash vehicles show up in magazines, YouTube, PowerPoint presentations,news articles and news broadcasts. Last year our crash vehicles were visible on all the major news networks that covered the crash conference and also in newspaper articles.

Each year we use a professional car sticker company to produce high quality vinyl stickers that adhere to the vehicles. We can place stickers on the fenders, hood, roof, and trunk.

This is a very cost-effective way to promote your company and brand to thousands of people. In addition, this is a lasting marketing effort as all of our crash photos and videos are distributed to conference attendees and to all subscribers of Collision Magazine to be used as a library reference.

PRICING: Premium Car Stickers: $1000
Includes a custom wrap on one crash test vehicle and includes 2 doors and hood.
Register by August 14, 2017

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Product Demonstration at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

This is a sponsorship opportunity to give a live 20-40 minute presentation on your product/service during the "down-time" between crash tests. You will be presenting in an enclosed air conditioned room at Las Vegas Motor Speedway or you can choose to do it track side for an outside demonstration.

Product Demonstration ARC-CSI
Above is a product demonstration of a dynomometer to basically turn the car
into a drag sled for coefficient of friction testing.

Between each crash test, as the crash crew is prepping for the next crash, we offer an opportunity to present to the attendees on your product or service. This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your products application and usefulness to the conference attendees.

Above is a photo of the live virtual reality presentation from Blast Radius

This sponsorship packages includes:

  • Product Demonstration at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
    • Use of projector
    • Use of sound system
PRICING: $800ea

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Product Placement Sponsorship

We are dedicating space on the conference data DVD to sponsors who wish to include certain material about your company, products or services. This can be in the form of a Power Point presentation, PDF document or demo program. This data DVD will be given to all attendees and also be included with the distribution of Collision Magazine Volume 8, Issue 2. This is an opportunity to increase visibility to those at the conference and everyone who currently subscribes to Collision Magazine. You may alternately choose to place a brochure or flyer in the conference Padfolio that is given to each attendee, assuring they view your information.

This sponsorship packages includes:

  • Product Placement Sponsorship
PRICING: $250ea

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Coffee Cup Sponsorship

ARC-CSI Coffee Mug SponsorPut YOUR LOGO on the complimentary ARC-CSI Coffee Mug! Each year we give away hundres of coffee mugs to the attendees. Some people even collect them from each conference. See your logo travel around the conference in the attendees hands as they network and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. This is a lasting impression as attendees take these mugs back to the office.

With this sponsorship you get your logo on one side and the ARC-CSI logo is on the other. This offer is limited to one sponsorship. We typically bring 250 mugs to the conference. We will work with you on mug color and style.


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